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 Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions to be able to do more for the gaming community  . We have such amazing  perks as : #WRXFIFA season pass , The 'W' show appearance , shout out on our media platform , being on  the ONLINE Invitational event , naming one of the tournaments by the name you choose and more ...   https://discord.gg/vfds8e7  #WRXTeam

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Some Perks for our devoted fans .


Being on The "W" Show .

Our The " W " show and https://www.twitch.tv/wirexxesports channel and its host JPZ are getting more views and popularity since we recently have joined our forces with BattleFy.com - one of the largest World Wide Gaming provider . So , we offer you to introduce yourself to the gaming world by being Skyped into our show . Any donation of $25+ would make that happen 

Playing vs strong competition

Are you or your kids want to play vs WRXTeam member ? High adrenaline competition in Any of EAsports titles + Forza Horizon guaranteed ! Your generous gift of $25+ will get all the excitement right into your room !

Following you with a shout out

Want a shout out from us ? Sure , we do mention your name as a contributor on our Media platform and will follow you on yours . The more you contribute the better but $10+ will start things going 

Naming a tournament

Have a catchy tournament' name in mind ? Want to thank someone through naming our tourney after him/her ? 

Why not ? We like to impress people . Gift us $100 + and we ll implement your desire for 2 tournaments within a year 

Invitation to the Prized Online event

Have no time to participate in our Qualifiers ? No problem . Get straight up to the Finals ! You ll have a chance to Enter our Invitational Prized tournaments ( SSBU , LoL , Hearthstone ) with a donation of $50+ . End of 2019 . TBD 

" WRXTeam page " access

You can get an access to a private " Members only " page where you can see all the info regarding Private and Public tournaments which WRXTeam players are targeting to attend . WireXx Team T-shirt will be included . Contribute $100 and start feel yourself as an eSports Team member !  *Offer valid for the  US residents only as of June 1st , 2019

Current Events * ( follow our updates for more )


Every Weekend

Online Tournaments

Battlefy .com Toornament.com

Event Details

Every Weekend

Online Tournaments

* booking in advance 

Check "Our Titles" page for more info

Battlefy .com Toornament.com


The 'W' Show

Twitch TV live @ 9pm https://www.twitch.tv/wirexxesports

Event Details


The 'W' Show

Every other Wednesday of every month, we will release an update and some info of the tournaments all over the world. Plus music , contests , giveaways ...


Twitch TV live @ 9pm https://www.twitch.tv/wirexxesports


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We cherish our players!

  Our esports tournaments  made  for gamers. We know that players have a lot to say about computer games that they love.Got a question or comment ? Send us a message! We will do our best to get back to you soon. 


But love their games !

WireXx eSports , LLC

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