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exhibition game . challenge cup contest .

Check out as one of the Finalists of the Challenge Cup'19 getting warmed up before big game  ...

229Ivan vs AI / raptors /

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NBA Gaming state Report :

It was a productive season for #WRXNBA . We have touched bases with EA NBA Live and NBA2K'19 .

A several online/live tourneys were conducted ... Conclusion :

Can't wait for NBA2K'20 to drop out !

Announcement :

Online tournaments WITH Entry Fee are coming up ! That means more valuable prizing and a guaranteed participation from all registered players . If you pay something - you ll come to play for something !

Our players say :

" Challenge Cup'19  Tournament was a Blast ! Thanks for having me ! " @WopCity

watch more :  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/390357586?filter=all&sort=time 

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We are very interested in highlights of Yours NBA2k or NBA Live games . Amaze us in one Minute !

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